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.5 generation

.5 generation  n.— «Sociologists call Mr. Singh and his cohort the “.5 generation,” distinct from the “1.5 generation”—younger transplants who became bicultural through school and work. Immigrant elders leave a familiar home, some without...

battery cage

battery cage  n.— «There are some 19 million egg-laying hens raised in the state, and Shapiro said more than 90 percent are raised in what are called “battery cages.” The cages are lined up in long rows and on average hold six...


droga  n.— «A year ago, Angelita Medina Albarran, 47, a garment worker at St. John Knits, took out two loans from Fremont Investment & Loan to cover the entire $600,000 purchase price for 919 W. Camile St., a 1,450-square-foot bungalow...


SK  n.— «Then there’s the name. “Sauerkraut,” which literally means “sour cabbage,” just doesn’t sound seductive. When it comes to foul-sounding food names, perhaps only “liverwurst” comes close. Lindsay...


 n.— «(title)» —“1988 Chrysler Dynasty !!!!SCRAPER!!!!!!!!!80k miles only—$1500″ by Afgoutlaw510@yahoo.com in Fremont/Union City, Calif. Craigslist Nov. 6, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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