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poop-butt  n.— «A poop-butt mother-fucker in here dealin’ gets pushed aside, fucked over and stomped down.» —“Playing a Cold Game: Phases of a Ghetto Career” by Alan G. Sutter Drugs and Politics , 1977...


mutt  v.— «The women get to fuck our guys while their husbands watch, and we get to fuck rich white women, really mutt ‘em out.» —“Meet the Mandingos” by Sanjiv Bhattacharya Details Blog Mar. 16, 2007. (source:...


anti-backpacker  n.— «Goldenchild is different from your anti-backpacker or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. He has an open mind. He’s heard the underground hip-hop but he likes jay-z and shit like that more.» —“Re: BackPackers...


 v.— «Now stop the teasin’ and start the pleasin’/Just fuck me good until I skeet.» —“C’mon Babe” by 2 Live Crew As Nasty As They Wanna Be , 1989. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


man-dress  n.— «When we go into town, we take sling shots and paint balls. Fuck those kids. This one kid I hit was wearing a man-dress and was pissed, he thought I ruined it.» —by Jason Christoper Hartley in Iraq Just...

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