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Etymology of One-Off

A one-off is something that is done or made or occurs just once. A Washington State caller who’s curious about the term learns that it derives from manufacturing lingo. This is part of a complete episode.


toke  n.— «Groups of UAW members were stationed at several points along the busy road, including directly across from the new casino, a gaming site that some dealers said would be costing them tips—or as they call them tokes—in coming...

Seeding a Competition

A listener who recently played in a Boggle tournament wants to know why we speak of seeding such a competition. This is part of a complete episode.


freemium  adj.— «Integrated with IGA’s proprietary SDK, it is the first title in the company’s “freemium category,” offering premium gaming experiences for free thanks to integrated advertising.» —“IGA And ID Team For...

new buffalo

new buffalo  n.— «Among U.S. Indians, gambling advocates have taken to calling casinos the “new buffalo.” At last count, 224 American tribes had opened gaming operations, in 28 states, hauling in US$25-billion in 2006, more...


nerfed  adj.— «In addition to that, though I thought that, though the colors certainly popped, I felt that the sword should really be a much darker weapon than is portrayed in the reproduction. The bright oranges should have been black or...

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