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cluster  n.— «The cops are already calling the response a “cluster”—cop-speak for clusterfuck—and the chaos gets only more obscene. The pugnacious medics squabble over how to treat the patients and where to land the chopper...

gap out

gap out  v.— «I was drunk enough that time was “gapping out” on me: I’d come to and not remember what had happened for the last ten minutes or so.» —“Re: Part 2—wanna look at the boat?” by Johnny...

gap out

gap out v. to become distracted; to space out. Etymological Note: Likely directly related to to gape ‘to stare at with the mouth open.’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

gap out

gap out  v.— «Look at Kwan last night. She is as wonderful an athlete as it gets, but she had a so-so (for her) performance, gapping out and falling down in the final 10 seconds.» —“Skate results show perfection needed to win at...

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