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ho-wop  n.— «On “My Baby’s Lost,” [Eamon] even sounds like a potty-mouthed Frankie Vali. The New York crooner claims to have masterminded a new genre he calls “ho-wop”: “raw hip- hop and smooth doo-wop...


trace  v.— «As that genre of Jamaican music has increased in popularity, the style has become one of tenement-yard-style tracing, and those Jamaicans who are accustomed to a daily life in which such “tracing matches” are...


pipe  v.— «He writes in the style of the metro column, a genre that has included some of the best newspaper writing ever, but also its share of “piping,” making stuff up in the tradition of Damon Runyon, who wrote fiction. (One...


trufan n. a dedicated and loyal follower (of an entertainer, cult, credo, hobby, pastime, genre, etc.) (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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