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Playing Catch-up

Hi, all — We’re back after a brief summer hiatus. So much to catch up on! In last weekend’s archive edition, we discussed “interrobangs,” “pronequarks,” “catios,” “horse dumplings,”...

English Derivatives of Tagalog

It’s likely America’s greatest linguistic export: O.K. A caller raised in the Philippines is curious about its origin. The hosts give him an answer, and also point out a familiar word in English that derives from the caller’s...

shoe-icide attack

shoe-icide attack
 n.— «Shoe-icide Attack…Bush ducks as Iraqi flings size 10s at head.» —Daily News Dec. 15, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


garmento  n.— «“The Peninsula is where all the old garmentos stay,” Brooks sniffed. “They like to be close to the factories on the Kowloon side.» —“Bigger does better in Hong Kong” by Bernadette...

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