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B-Flat Meaning Ordinary

Rachel from Harrogate, Tennessee, says when she was growing up in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, she and her fellow musicians used the term B-flat as slang for “ordinary” or “average.” In the 1938 publication New York Panorama...


Toodles, meaning “See you later,” may come from toddle, as in to “amble” or “take leave,” or it might simply derive from the sound of an old car horn. This is part of a complete episode.


gruffy-ground  n.— «But here and there, as at Charterhouse, Priddy, and around Shipham, the “gruffy-ground,” as it was called, survives. Although wild flowers in great variety blossom on it, and heaps of soil and stone turned...

sardine special

sardine special  n.— «A train journey in Greater Manchester has been labelled a “sardine special’ and one of the most overcrowded in Britain.» —“The train trip from hell” by Brian Lashley Manchester Evening...