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Tear the Rag Off the Bush

The Southern idiom tear the rag off the bush has been used when scandalous relationships are revealed, but it’s also applicable to anything surprising. It’s similar to “Don’t that beat all?” and “Doesn’t...

Centricity Word Game

Quiz Guy Greg Pliska has a game called “Centricity”, emphasis on the “city.” For example, “Mickey ate all the fruit, leaving Minneapolis.” And as George H.W. Bush said to George W. Bush, “You can be...

shoe-icide attack

shoe-icide attack
 n.— «Shoe-icide Attack…Bush ducks as Iraqi flings size 10s at head.» —Daily News Dec. 15, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Cindrella syndrome

Cindrella syndrome  n.— «Although many of these new rules may not take effect until the last days of the Bush administration or the first days of the next presidency, White House officials say they are the result of a deliberate and...

Jorge Arbusto

Jorge Arbusto n. George H. W. Bush or George W. Bush. Editorial Note: Often jocular or mocking. Etymological Note: Jorge ‘George’ + arbusto ‘bush.’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)