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bug n. an illegal lottery; the numbers game. Editorial Note: This term appears to be most common in Georgia and Alabama. It often takes the definite article: the bug. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


deglove  v.— «Open procedures involve incisions made along the nose or under the lip, lifting the face in a technique called facial degloving, and moving bone—potentially the upper jaw and cheekbone—and sometimes brain out of the way...

slobber knocker

slobber knocker  n.— «The recent football success for the University of Georgia has brought visibility to that unique class of player known by some as “the slobber knocker,” a guy who hits opposing players so hard that spit...

Baghdad diet

Baghdad diet  n.— «What exactly is Rudy’s Baghdad Diet? You’ve got to live in Baghdad: this is important because the heat there pretty much kills your appetite. No fried foods: stick to fish, salads, and vegetables 90 minutes...

boutique blend

boutique blend  n.— «Prices started to creep up when Clarke County was included on the list of Georgia counties where gas stations must sell a cleaner-burning gasoline mixture, commonly known as a boutique blend.» —“Pumping it for all...


bus-left other. left behind by, or having missed, a (school) bus, especially in the phrase to get bus-left or to be bus-left. Editorial Note: This term is common in, but not specific to, the state of Georgia. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)