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Blinky Cheese

When something’s blinky, it smells bad enough to make you blink. Spoiled pimento cheese, for example, can be blinky. The origin of blinky is uncertain, although it may derive from on the blink, as in “not working correctly.” This...

“High” School Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski says he’s been visiting some “niche” high schools, all of which have the word “High” in them, maybe in reverse of a standard phrase. How about this one: “The school where they study...


 n.— «Jon was a “jalapeño”, half white (Hauli, the slang for “White” in Hawaii) half Filipino.» —“I see Ghosts in my house” by pax industria /dev/null May 23, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)