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Happy as Larry

New research shows that you may be less influenced by superstitious behavior like walking under ladders or the magic of four-leaf clovers if you’re reading about it in another language. • Sometimes not cursing will catch someone’s ear...

Paragliding Lingo

In what sport would you hear the slang terms glass off, speck out, and get flushed? They’re all expressions used in paragliding. Glass-off refers to a smooth, effortless takeoff; to speck out is to go so high that you’re nearly invisible...


Someone does both paragliding and hang gliding is jokingly said to be biwingual. Really! This is part of a complete episode.


eco-coasting  n.— «Around 5.4 million motorists are putting lives in danger by freewheeling out of gear down hills to save fuel. Experts warn eco-coasting puts drivers at risk of losing control as gravity takes over.» —“Freewheel...