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Golf Parents

After our conversation about helicopter parents, who hover closely over their children, and the Danish term curling foraeldre, or “curling parents,” who sweep away problems ahead of their children, much like people sweeping the ice in...

The Positive Anymore

“Anymore, I play golf instead of tennis.” Grant explains that this grammatical construction is known as the “positive anymore.” This is part of a complete episode.

Go Golfing vs. Play Golf

For some golfers, the phrase “go golfing” is as maddening as a missed two-foot putt. The proper expression, they insist, is “play golf.” A longtime golfer wonders whether that’s true. This is part of a complete episode.

firefly moment

firefly moment  n.— «Guests of the Women’s Resource Center enjoyed Embracing Firefly Moments at the Plantation Golf and Country Club with author/speaker Barbara Braunstein. Barbara kept the attendees in stitches with humorous anecdotes and...


scramble  v.— «“It’s been a long week,” Delio said. “I played well. When my approach shots weren’t hit that well, I saved myself by scrambling. If I teed a green, I was pretty solid all week.” Scrambling in golf is a term...

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