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Golfing Calcutta

A listener from Charlottesville, Virginia, is dating a professional golfer who often plays a Calcutta with other tour members. Calcutta, a betting game going back over 200 years, involves every player betting before the tournament on who they think...

Go Golfing vs. Play Golf

For some golfers, the phrase “go golfing” is as maddening as a missed two-foot putt. The proper expression, they insist, is “play golf.” A longtime golfer wonders whether that’s true. This is part of a complete episode.

take someone’s legs off

take someone’s legs off  v. phr.— «At home the former professional golfer wants to build a multi-million pound indoor golf facility in the region—a project he tried to develop five years ago only to have his planning application rejected...


shanks  n.pl.— «Wiley’s golf game did end up a victim of “the shanks” as he called it, falling to 19-year old Eastern Michigan golfer Sean Behnke 2 & 1 in the first round.» —“Ithaca’s Duckworth advances to...