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A Whole Nother

For the final word on grammar, many writers turn to the Associated Press Stylebook. But if you find that stylebook too stuffy, you’ll love Fake AP Stylebook, the online send-up that features such sage journalistic advice “The plural of...

Everything is Tickety-Boo

Hello from your friends at AWWW! In our latest episode, we talked about idiosyncratic rules for Scrabble, the origins of the terms "picket lines" and "hooch," plus why actors "go up" on their lines and what we mean when...

Fake AP Stylebook Tweets

Grant and Martha share some of their favorite tweets from Fake AP Stylebook, the Twitter feed that tweaks journalistic style and tropes, such as “Do not change weight of gorilla in phrase, ‘800-lb gorilla in the room.’ Correct weight is...


full-gorilla adv. in baseball, aggressively or with the utmost force, especially in the phrase to go full gorilla. Also n. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

gorilla dust

gorilla dust
 n.— «The sales professional recognizes false objections as “gorilla dust.”» —by Zig Ziglar Ziglar On Selling July 31, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)