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banana-box grocer

banana-box grocer  n.— «Some reclamation centers then sell these goods to brokers, which hawk them to small salvage stores. The goods are typically contained in boxes that once carried bananas, so these smaller operations are often called...

who laid the rail

who laid the rail  adv. phr.— «He was selling very cheap to Wm. Larew, the grocer, when the capture was made, and “lit out for who laid the rail,” but the marshal was a little too spry for him.» —“Chicken Thief...


cram-down  n.— «The Winn-Dixie bankruptcy case is barreling toward the stage that bankruptcy lawyers affectionately call the cram-down. That’s when creditors, bankers, bondholders, vendors, landlords and stockholders wrestle over how much...


 n.— «(title)» —“Alcopop Worries” The Grocer (U.K.) Jan. 6, 1996. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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