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turkey bacon

turkey bacon  n.— «A nice security guard stops them, and I stopped calling security guards “Turkey bacon rent-a-cops.”» —“Introducing…Gothmommy” by Eleanor Black Skulls, Pink Ruffles—Goth vs Martha...

turkey bacon

turkey bacon n. a private security guard or officer; a rent-a-cop. Also plural. Etymological Note: A play off of “pig” and “bacon,” slang terms for police. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

table jumper

table jumper  n.— «Bishop and the other condemned men who followed him were “table jumpers,” guard parlance for inmates who didn’t resist as they were led to the death chamber and strapped into a chair or onto the gurney that’s...

Dover mission

Dover mission  n.— «Serving at so many funerals, or on a “Dover mission,” as he called it, “serves as a reality check.”» —“Paulsboro graduate proud to serve in ‘Old Guard’” by Jim Six Gloucester...