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All Verklempt

Of all the letters in the alphabet, which two or three are your favorites? If your short list includes one or more of your initials, that’s no accident. Psychological research shows we’re drawn to the letters in our name. • If you doubt...

Month of Sundays

If you’re on tenterhooks, it means you’re in a state of anxious anticipation or suspense. But what IS a tenterhook? The answer goes back to a 15th-century manufacturing process. Also, you probably have a term for those crumbs that...

Origin of “A Month of Sundays”

A month of Sundays, meaning “a long period,” or “longer than I can actually figure out,” goes at least as far back as the 1759 book The Life and Real Adventures of Hamilton Murray. This is part of a complete episode.


 n.— «Canon D30 digi body for digi-roids.» —“What The Pros Are Rockin’ Nick Hamilton 16.1″ Snow Magazine (Oceanside, California) Aug. 21, 2002. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

swing space

swing space  n.— «Students from Spingarn Senior High would move into a new building on the school’s Northeast campus, and the old building would be used for “swing space”—housing students from other schools whose buildings are...


hophead  n.— «ergeant Major’s India Pale Ale was supposed to be a one-off batch of beer four years ago. He recalled putting together the batch for a Hamilton bar for beer aficionados, or “hopheads” as he calls them. The bar...

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