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Footloose and Fancy-Free

Eric from Harrisonburg, Virginia, wants to know: What’s the origin of footloose and fancy-free, which describes someone unencumbered by obligations or worries? This is part of a complete episode.

Episode 1583

Made from Scratch

Enthusiastic book recommendations! Martha’s savoring the biography of Alexander von Humboldt, the 19th-century explorer, polymath, and naturalist who revolutionized our understanding of nature and predicted the effects of human activity on...

Scorns, Fried Biscuit Dough

Kimberly in Harrisonburg, Virginia, has a family tradition of enjoying fried biscuit dough with butter for breakfast. They refer to these fried, doughy treats as scorns, but they’ve never heard anyone else use this term. Have you? Or might...

gadget play

gadget play  n.— «More commonly referred to as trick or gadget plays, Colbert used these halfback passes, double passes and reverses with surprising aplomb—and effectiveness.» —“Colbert Takes BC’s ‘Special’ Offense...