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Rest On Your Laurels

If you’ve accomplished something, go ahead and rest on your laurels. Martha traces this idiom back to Ancient Greece, where victors were crowned with a wreath of bay leaves from the bay laurel tree. In the 16th Century, to retire on...

Odder Than Dick’s Hatband

“Well, that was odder than Dick’s hatband!” A caller says his mother always used that term. Now he wants to know: Who was Dick? And what was so odd about his headwear? This is part of a complete episode.

dome of obedience

dome of obedience  n.— «Maybe now you can get one of those new MICH helmets to wear. No more headaches like the kevlar “dome of obedience.” So comfortable, it doubles as a pillow…no shit.» —“SGT Shawn Snyder—Sniper...