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gun-grabber  n.— «Davis, 54, got a TNT-like retirement gift from one right-wing newspaper. Atop a story announcing that Davis was going, the paper’s headline cried, with utmost objectivity: “Chief Gun-Grabber Retires...

banner headline

banner headline  n.— «The journalistic fraternity has its own way of describing the people, the things or the events in a lighter vein. A tall gracious girl is referred to as a “Banner Head line” and a person’s obesity...


spizerinctum  n.— «It seems that some of the ‘dry’ leaders of the state are in danger of jeopardizing the cause of sobriety by their weak-knee statements. And, of course, they are being ably assisted by certain headline writer desk men who...


 n.— «Xxxxxxx—Please write four decks of headline thanksPlease write a standfirst.» —by Jerry Frank Lloyd’s List (U.K.) May 6, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


standfirst  n.— «Each article has a headline printed in large bold letters, followed by a brief description, called a standfirst, and a byline, which is the reporter’s name.» —“Primary: Writing Made Simple” by Mary...

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