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Episode 1458

Stars and Garters

Novelist Charles Dickens created many unforgettable characters, but he’s also responsible for coining or popularizing lots of words, like “flummox” and “butterfingers.” Also, the life’s work of slang lexicographer...

Flat Tire Shoe

A flat tire is a slang term for the result of stepping on someone’s heel so that their shoe comes loose. This is part of a complete episode.

drunk bus

drunk bus  n.— «As a staggering girl’s stiletto heel punctures your ankle and the guy next to you throws up all over himself, the humid air becomes filled with an earsplitting, slurred version of the JMU Fight Song. Welcome to the Night...

flip-flop disease

flip-flop disease  n.— «A Dog’s Heel is a term that I had heard before in England. Never knew what they were talking about until I found an article on Plantar Fasciitis. A Dog’s Heel is an inflammatory condition that is caused by excessive...

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