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spit game

spit game  v.— «Yo, every bitch I know they wanna get with me/The mothafuckin’ notorious D-R-E/Spit game at a bitch while a nigga’s around/And you know most hos knows not to clown.» —“Findum, Fuckum & Flee” by N.W.A...


floss  v.— «The scene metamorphosed into “kind of a floss-fest,” notes R. J. de Vera, a tuner pioneer who oversees his own performance-oriented brands RO— JA and Motegi Racing. “Flossing” is a hip-hop term that...


whoadie n. a casual, familiar form of address for a friend. Also wodie, wody. Editorial Note: This term appears to originate in the hip-hop scene of New Orleans, La. Etymological Note: < wardie ‘resident of a political ward’ (source: Double...


 n.— «wody(long O).» —“Re: Regional Slang” by DT9 Soljah Usenet: rec.music.hip-hop Jan. 8, 1998. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


wodie  n.— «A “wodie” is basically a New Orleans slang for “associate” or “homie,” and it’s pronounced WHOA-DEE. » —“Spotlight” UBB Developer’s Network Dec., 2000. (source: Double...


 n.— «“wodie”-just like dog or bruh….Whazzatnin wodie.» —“Re: SOUTH SLANG……peep it out” by Soljah 4life Usenet: rec.music.hip-hop Nov. 23, 1997. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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