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burpee  n.— «She wowed her judge with an explosive series of “burpees”—springing into the air after a push-up, then dropping down to repeat the process. She saved a final burst for the sprints.» —“How to Drop a Goliath: First, You...

poot butt

poot butt
 n.— «All that was poot butt shit. This here gonna make the boys and faggots sit down while the men get it on.» —by Joseph Nazel Death for Hire , 1975. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


bunching  n.— «Adding more street supervisors might help with bus “bunching,” the term for buses traveling in herds and disregarding the schedule.» —“Funds Sought to Hire More Drivers, Increase Service on In-Demand...


book  n.— «Matters improved still more. Mr. Legree moved to a job at Public School 150, just across the street from his apartment at Brownsville Houses. It was at that job that he received his “book”—became a member of a laborers’ union...

Monday hammer

Monday hammer  n.— «If they couldn’t get it undone with that, we used a flogging spanner and a “Monday” hammer. This was so called because it weighed 28lbs, and if you used it on a Monday, you were on the sick for the rest of...

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