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bougie n. in volleyball, a hit on the head by the ball. Etymological Note: See the 2001 citation. This entry is unrelated to senses of bougie well-covered elsewhere, such as ‘n., (a contemptuous name for) a Black person,’ ‘adj., bourgeois (middle...


Blunkett  n.— «My best friend has been with her boyfriend for over two years and when she lightly dropped a hint of something more permanent in the New Year, he freaked. She is now back on the singles market. After all that...


joint  n.— «After Mr. Summers came out of the house and hit Mr. Lane, witnesses told police they heard Mr. Lane tell Mr. Campbell to “Go get that joint,” a street term for a gun.» —“Man to testify against friend in Crofton...


chili-dip v. when swinging a club in golf, to hit the ground before hitting the ball. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


dosia  n.— «What, you think ‘Rips just roll through ‘Ru or Blood hoods and get out they cars , fuck with blood females, hit up, drink, and hit dosia on Damu blocks and Bloods dont react?» —“Dinky (Some L.A. Street...


skull v. in golf, to hit a ball too low and too far, usually the result of striking it above its center. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)