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187  n.— «While the literal translation of the shirt is the police code for homicide (“187”) followed by gang slang for police (“hudda”), many Valley police, school officials and gang experts see it another way:...


187 n. a homicide. Editorial Note: Also attrib. Etymological Note: From section 187-199 of the California penal code, which relates to murder. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


187  n.— «The number 187 is frequently used in gang graffiti around the United States, and represents the number of the California Penal Code for homicide.  Graffiti which includes 187 is literally making a death threat.» —“The...


187  n.— «She later added, the students in question write “187” about him. It’s street lingo for a homicide.» —“School Fights Lead to Arrest of Students” by Ryan Wolf KGBT-TV (Harlingen, Tex.) Apr...

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