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Monroe Piercing

Tell your Mom the sterling silver stud above your lip isn’t “that dumb thing.” It’s called a Monroe piercing, in honor of Marilyn’s famed beauty mark. This is part of a complete episode.

Royal Wedding Word Quiz

Quiz Guy Greg Pliska has a royal quiz in honor of the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. He celebrates the wedding of the King and Queen with clues to answers that contain the letters “K” and “Q” next to each other...

The Oxcars Quiz

In honor of the 2011 Academy Awards, Quiz Guy Greg Pliska offers his own puzzle version, The Oxcars. The trick is that the nominees for Best Picture at the Oxcars have the same titles as this year’s real nominees for the Oscar, but with one...

Puerto Rican Limber Dessert

A woman of Puerto Rican descent wonders about limber, the name of the savory frozen treat popular in her homeland. Was it really named in honor of aviator Charles Lindbergh? This is part of a complete episode.

Great Galloping Grammar!

Howdy, logomanes! Speaking of manes, we begin with news from Miami, where, in last week's South Beach Stakes, a longshot mare (11-1) scored a surprise upset over the heavy favorite to win a $50,000 purse. The winner's name? "Way...

Initials Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski offers a puzzle in honor of the hosts’ initials. Every clue prompts a two-word answer beginning with the letters M and B or G and B. For example: “Paper or plastic?” This is part of a complete episode.