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cuddy  n.— «“Many times here, what I’ve considered to be thoughtful commentary based off Hip Hop history and the mores therein has been twisted to mean that I’m hating on something. Hmmmm…” “Not by me cuddy. though I...


chingaso  n.— «Mr. Gasia, a busboy who works in Spanish Harlem, spoke last week through a friend and interpreter. His style “comes from people of color but with a Latino twist,” he said. The idea is to look, he said...


 adj.— «“That janky-ass bitch?” Janky is Rah’s favorite word these days. Anything below par is janky.» —by William Shaw Westside: Young Men and Hip Hop in L.A. Apr. 12, 2000. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


 n.— «Ed is my nicca 4 life i love that critter.» —“Re: the best in Hip Hop One Hit Wonders…” by Bishop023@webtv.net Usenet: rec.music.hip-hop May 20, 1999. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


sheisty  adj.— «Their travails, the baby-mama drama, the “sheisty” record execs, the violence that comes closer than most of us will ever experience, are all documented in “Westside”.» —“Outsider’s View Of Hip...


ho-wop  n.— «On “My Baby’s Lost,” [Eamon] even sounds like a potty-mouthed Frankie Vali. The New York crooner claims to have masterminded a new genre he calls “ho-wop”: “raw hip- hop and smooth doo-wop...