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dub  n.— «Dub, a niche car magazine,…took its name from street slang for 20—as in a double-dime bag of marijuana—because when it was founded most oversize wheels were 20 inches in diameter… G.M. became the first big carmaker...


spinner  n.— «It’s Dub, a niche car magazine with a tiny paid circulation that has nevertheless become the bible of the urban automotive subculture devoted to 20-inch-plus spinners—the outrageously flashy oversize wheels that pop up in...


whip  n.— «“It has some of the hottest whips on the planet,” she added, using the current East Coast slang for car.» —“The Dub Generation: Gearheads Go Hip-Hop” by Denny Lee New York Times Apr. 23, 2004...


 n.— «In street parlance, “shoes” is another word for wheels.» —“Putting Hip-Hop on the Highway” by Phil Patton New York Times Aug. 10, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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