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That groove between your nose and upper lip? It’s your philtrum, from the Greek word for “love potion.” Martha explains. This is part of a complete episode.


stocking  n.— «Stocking up is a term used to describe a harmless swelling of the leg from coronet to hock, usually in the hind legs. This swelling occurs naturally because of lack of movement by the horse while stalled. The normal walking...

Philtrum, the Love Dimple

Greetings earthlings! In our latest podcast, Martha muses about the "love dimple." You know, that little dent in your upper lip? It's called a "philtrum." The erotic origins of this word prove once again that etymology is...

The Love Dimple (minicast)

What’s the name for that little dent in your upper lip? It’s called a “philtrum.” Martha reveals the erotic origins of this word, and proves once again that etymology is nothing if not sexy.