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kill buyer

kill buyer  n.— «The issue now is animal activists’ crusade to flush out what is known as “kill buyers” who purchase horses for transport to Texas and then Mexico where slaughter is legal.» —“Horses led to...

belly wadding

belly wadding  n.— «In the cowboy movies we often see cow punchers and gunfighters pull out what appears to be a short strip of leather and chew away on it—somewhat of a substitute for ribs and beans when they were on the trail or when...


Buckaroo is an English word adapted from the Spanish word vaquero, meaning “cowboy.” Is there a specific term for the linguistic process whereby such words are adapted into English? This is part of a complete episode.


bombproof  adj.— «Riders are dressed casually in jeans, workout wear and riding helmets. They’re on horses referred to as “bombproof”—they’re unlikely to injure a rider.» —“Hockey on horseback: St. Louis club introduces...


 n.— «The pure cream foal with piercing blue eyes is what is known as a cremello.» —“Rare cream foal ‘a special boy’” BBC News (United Kingdom) June 11, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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