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Boston quarter

Boston quarter
 n.— «Boston quarter—a dime.» —“Jargon from Employees if Hotel Commodore, 42nd St.” by Hatch in New York City Lexicon of Trade Jargon , 1938-39. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

ninth island

ninth island  n.— «“It’s poi,” he laughed. This was one of the reasons Bob came to the California Hotel, aka Hawaii’s ninth island. “Try some? The saimin noodles are also good.”» —“Hawaiians flock to California Hotel...


dash  v.— «I was quite relieved to make it to our beach front hotel after four hours of near-death experiences—i did not tip (or dash, as they call it here) the driver.» —“Chapter 11: the mullet goes south” by Brian J...

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