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Episode 1610

Big Dog

If you’re ever near a sundial, step closer and look for a message. Many sundials bear haunting, poetic inscriptions about the brevity of life. Plus, language development in toddlers: why and how little ones pick up the exclamation Uh-oh! And a...

Episode 1455

Sunny-Side Up

Baseball has a language all its own: On the diamond, a snow cone isn’t what you think it is, and three blind mice has nothing to do with nursery rhymes. And how do you describe someone who works at home while employed by a company in another...

Two-O’Clock Hitter

In baseball, a two-o’clock hitter is one who hits well in batting practice, but not during the game. It used to be that games traditionally started at 3 p.m., with batting practice an hour before. This is part of a complete episode.


yes-and  v.—Gloss: To agree to all ideas, act upon them, and embellish them. Note: A staple of improvisational acting. «They stayed for over an hour and completely yes-anded everything we threw at them. There were moments where it felt...