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Yankee Dimes in a Culch Pile

Howdy! In this week’s episode of “A Way with Words,” we have a whole culch pile of conversation about Yankee dimes, hanging crepe, educational rubrics, and whether the language you speak influences how you think. Here ’tis:...

Culch Piles

A woman from upstate New York says her stepfather used to keep small dishes in various rooms to collect small odds and ends like paper clips and rubber bands. He called them culch piles. Martha has the story on this term. This is part of a complete...

Different Terms for Mentee

What’s the best term for someone who’s being mentored? A woman in a mentoring program at church thinks the word mentee sounds like “manatee.” She’s hoping for an alternative. This is part of a complete episode.

Skee-Ball Slang

Grant shares some slang he’s found while exploring the game of Skee-Ball, including to hit the hundo. This is part of a complete episode.

Rock Climbing Beta

Rock climbers use the term beta to refer to any information they receive about a route before climbing it. Is it related to beta as in “beta-testing software”? This is part of a complete episode.