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The Cat’s Pajamas

The cat’s pajamas, denoting something excellent, arose in the 1920’s along with many similarly improbable phrases involving animals and their anatomy or possessions, including the gnat’s elbow, the eel’s ankles, and the...

iliac furrow

iliac furrow  n.— «“I am filled with bitter resentment and burning envy at the sight of this young fellow’s pronounced iliac furrow.”…“There is reason to envy someone skinny enough to have such a pronounced apollo’s belt...

swamp ass

swamp ass n. the condition of having sweaty buttocks, crotch, or gluteal cleft. Editorial Note: Similar but rare terms include swass, chef’s arse, and drummer’s butt. Thanks to Nate Schiavo for suggesting this term as an entry. (source: Double...


winker n. the anus; the posterior or buttocks. Editorial Note: A similar term is brown eye. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)