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molecular condom

molecular condom  n.— «For a decade now, scientists have been working to develop an HIV-blocking vaginal gel, a microbicide often called a molecular condom.» —“Better than a Condom?” by Jeneen...

tampon top

tampon top
 n.— «Red-heads are sometimes referred to as “tampon tops.”» —“Menstruation and redheads” by Dawn Starin OnMedica Dec. 22, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


pregorexia  n.— «The topic of celeb baby weight has even spurred a new phrase called “Pregorexia”—a condition where women get so obsessed with keeping their weight down during pregnancy that they go to extremes with diet and...


embaby  n.— «I went for another beta today and I’m waiting for the results. I also had an u/s and I could see one little embryo!! It was amazing to see. My RE said there could be another one or two that pops up since we’re still so early...

nom de womb

nom de womb  n.— «Well, I feel pregnant. Much more so than I did last month with the chemical. This feels like it felt with Joseph, which is reassuring in a way because after all, my entire pregnancy with him was normal and easy, right up...

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