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sexting  n.— «The teen engages in “sexting,” a term for a kind of text messaging that often involves sending erotic, nude pictures. Young says, “I don’t pose nude, but I do send pictures and get pictures and my brother he...


pap  v.— «“The paps,” as the freelance and tabloid snappers are known, are always manoeuvring for the embarrassing disclosure, just as Bennett’s dogging of the mounted monarch was in the hope of photographing her falling off...

slurp ramp

slurp ramp  n.— «As your classic repressed Englishman, I’ve never visited a bathhouse before—I’m barely iced water, let alone vanilla. (Before my visit, I had to ask my editor what a gloryhole was.) The holes happen to be the first stop on...


winker n. the anus; the posterior or buttocks. Editorial Note: A similar term is brown eye. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


 n.— «CILF. That would be: “client I’d like to fuck.”» —“CILF” by Audacia Ray Waking Vixen (New York City) Apr. 3, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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