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Clue: Pecking Order

Martha has a crossword clue for Grant: “pecking order?”. Six letters, two words, and the last letter is “e.” Got it? This is part of a complete episode.

Ally, Ally, in Free

Speaking of the more recent past: When you played hide-and-seek as a child, did you yell “Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free”? Or “Ally Ally in Free”? Or maybe “Ally Ally Ump Free”? “Ole Ole Olsen Free”? Or...


A former resident of Buffalo, New York, puzzles over a strange word in a 12-year-old personals ad. What exactly is a “paratereseomaniac with extensive knowledge of osculation”? This is part of a complete episode.

big snip

big snip  n.— «Taking me to the vet for "the big snip," then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back. » —“Dog Pet Peeves About Humans” by Jazz Lady Southern Maryland Community Forums Mar...

probability neglect

probability neglect  n.— «Humans are the only species that understand risk, but we also engage in what’s called “probability neglect.” This is when we ignore probabilities and worry about more traumatic possibilities...


vusvus  n.— «Yet another mindless leftist VusVus cosmopolitan stupidity. Humans have slaughtered each other for universalistic reasons (as in revolutionary France, Russia or China) as least as often as they have slaughtered each for narrow...

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