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submarine patent

submarine patent  n.— «Acacia is one of a number of companies that are making a good living by sitting on patents that are actually very general in their application. Individuals can register such patents, with no ability to develop...

granny hunting

granny hunting  n.— «Federal prosecutors announced charges yesterday against six people accused of defrauding elderly Washington region women of more than $100,000 with a variety of scams that the suspects referred to as “granny...

limb hanger

limb hanger  n.— «The real limb-hangers are four or five years old or more, and chances are most of them get whipped regularly by two- and three-year old birds.» —by Richard P. Combs Advanced Turkey Hunting Feb. 1, 2002...

limb hanger

limb hanger
 n.— «The Primos Limb Hanger is nice too, but difficult to call softly on.» —“Re: Which Turkey Calls are best?” by John S. Shinal Usenet: rec.hunting Mar. 29, 1995. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)