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sexual anorexia

sexual anorexia  n.— «Your husband’s behavior is actually very common for people who have a sexual addiction. There is a term for it: Sexual Anorexia—he starves you sexually because he no longer needs you—he has videos which don’t demand...


You know the sputtering, raspberry-like noises you make with your lips on a baby’s tummy so he’ll giggle? Many people call that a raspberry, but some people call that a zerbert. A caller’s husband insists that Bill Cosby coined the...

Trick to Remember I vs. Me

A caller has a hard time remembering which is correct: “Give the book to my husband and me,” or “Give the book to my husband and I.” Martha offers a sure-fire, quick-and-easy way to know if “husband and I” or...


A listener says she and her husband called their unborn child “wohube.” What other noms de fetus are there? This is part of a complete episode.