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Episode 1623

Endless Summer

Surf’s up! When surfers describe the waves as going gangbusters, it’s a great time out on the water. But why that word? Plus, a thesaurus of flavors serves up delicious writing about the taste of foods and spices. And speaking of...

The Medical Term for an Ice Cream Headache

If you eat ice cream too quickly, the painful result is called an ice-cream headache, a cold headache, or brain freeze. But if you’d feel better using the medical term for it, it’s another mouthful: sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. This...

Traffic-Light Sundae

A traffic-light sundae is a dish of vanilla ice cream decorated with red, white, and green cherries, topped with nuts, crushed fruit, or whipped cream. This is part of a complete episode.

Sherbet, Not Sherbert

Sherbet is pronounced SHUR-bit. There’s no r before the t, and there’s no need to add one. If it still seems too complicated, you might just order ice cream or sorbet instead. This is part of a complete episode.