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How Long is a Bride a Bride?

Candace from Berea, Kentucky, got married a few weeks ago and wonders: At what point does a person start being a bride? When, if ever, do they stop being a bride? This is part of a complete episode.

Why Are Some Competitions “Heats”?

Why do we use the word heat to denote a preliminary qualifying race? Hundreds of years ago, a single instance of heating something such as a piece of metal over a fire for metalworking was called a heat. Later that term was applied to “a round...


lysdexia  n.— «Like my “lysdexia” only a “reasonable accommodation” is possible never victory, never recovery. The dyslexia was reasonably accommodated in some serendipitous ways beginning at the age of four in 1951...

right of boom

right of boom
 n.— «“Right of boom“—U.S. military’s effort to mitigate effects of IED attacks with better equipment, trauma care.» —“Glossary” Washington Post Sept. 28, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


MOAC  n.— «Thorne said IED explosions can leave large craters—some as big as 80 feet wide. He said the massive holes are commonly referred to as MOACs, or Mother Of All Craters. “Sometimes they are four lanes wide,” he said. “It will take...

meat tag

meat tag  n.— «A meat tag is basically your dog-tag information (name, Social Security number, blood type, and religion) tattooed on your side, usually under your armpit. Soldiers get the meat-tag tattoo so that when and IED blows them...

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