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Grant talks about the new slang term, zaprudering, as in “The fanboys get off on zaprudering the invite to the Apple product-release press conference.” This is part of a complete episode.


spalon  n.— «The Day Spa Association has set guidelines designed to educate consumers about what they should expect from a day spa. “These guidelines clearly explain the difference between a true day spa and ‘spalons’, a term used to...


pitch  n.— «It’s not enough that the average space between economy class seats (or “pitch,” as it’s known in industry parlance) has lost three inches since 1978. Trying to offer relief was Boeing, introducing its 787 Dreamliner with...


meister  n.— «An increasing number of manufacturing companies have begun using the in-house title of meister—the German word for master—to improve and pass along technical skills.Eiji Sato, 52, is a meister charged with passing on to the...