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rinkrash  n.— «It’s also a violent sport. The Roller Warriors’ website features the “Injury Archive,” a photo gallery of grotesque bruises, facial stitches, knee-surgery images and floor burns—commonly known as rinkrash...

monkey muscle

monkey muscle  n.— «The symptoms you describe are most likely the result of a tear in the one of the two heads of the main calf muscle—the gastrocnemius. This is also known as a “torn monkey muscle” injury, for reasons I don’t...

feature well

feature well  n.— «If the “feature well” (as it’s known in the business) had merely consisted of Ms. Barnett’s usual pontificating, perhaps this week’s edition could have avoided both insult and injury.» —“The Stranger: A...

sag wagon

sag wagon n. at a bicycling event, the vehicle which carries bicyclists who have withdrawn from the event (due to injury, bicycle malfunction, tiredness, etc.) (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


receipt n. In professional wrestling, a payback, score-settling, or revenge taken for true physical injury or insult. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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