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parclo  n.—Gloss: Partial cloverleaf exchange. «The Ontario Ministry of Transportation designed a modification to the original cloverleaf to address its shortcomings for the 400-series highways. The redesign creates more room for...


turbochange  n.— «Sobolak points out that the interchange of the 401 and the Allen Expressway that fed into Yorkdale’s 7,000-car lot was called, in the space-age parlance of the day, a “turbochange.”» —“Stroll: T.O. modernism at the...

Spaghetti Bowl

Spaghetti Bowl  n.— «Los Angeles’ four-level freeway interchange at Civic Center, sometimes called the Mixmaster, soon will have a companion complexity called the Spaghetti Bowl. Engineers already have hung that name on the $10 million...

spaghetti bowl

spaghetti bowl n. a mass of complicated relationships within a group, system, or process; an intersection or interchange of many lines, pipes, roads, or railways. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


SPUI  n.— «To increase capacity and avoid such problems, engineers have created a variation on the diamond design known as a single-point urban interchange, or SPUI (pronounced spew-ee).» —“Planners say SPUI on...


SPUI n. a single point urban interchange, a type of highway exchange. Also spui. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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