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Love You Like a Sister

The initialism LLAS, meaning “love you like a sister,” isn’t a texting phenomenon—it goes back 30 or 40 years to when girls would write each other letters. This is part of a complete episode.


How do you indicate sarcasm in a text message or an email? If winky emoticons aren’t your thing, try left-leaning italics, as recommended by sartalics.com. This is part of a complete episode.

Internet Meme Lexicon

Ben Zimmer published a brilliant collection of internet memes from the past twenty years in a the journal American Speech. Memes like facepalming and the O, rly? owl have allowed us to communicate otherwise unwritable sentiments via the internet...

Two Brand-New Episodes — Yum!

Hey there! The latest brand-new episode of the show is up and ready. We hit a few high points about graffiti slang, relay a few more paraprosdokians, and share doomaflatchies. Last week was also brand-new episode. Did you catch it? Spelling...

Unicode 6

Need to type something in Linear B or Mayan? Want to make Japanese emoticons? Now you can. Grant explains why the release of Unicode 6 has many typescript aficionados doing the happy dance. This is part of a complete episode.