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POSH  n.— «POsH: Plain Old semantic HTML.…I think POsH suggests more than just the semantics/structure inherent in xhtml, but not (yet, perhaps) a µf.» —“IRC Log for #microformats on 2007-04-06″ by...


grunty  adj.— «You need a grunty machine to handle 10,000 connections on IRC and a fast pipe with low latency.» —“A peek at script kiddie culture” by Andrew D. Kirch NewsForge Mar. 5, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued...

tok cork

tok cork
 v.— «Now me here happily hunting for downloads and switching back to irc toking cork with my pals.» —by Tan Shee Wee I Am What I Am Nov. 22, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


botnet  n.— «There are many files available from the bots on the botnet which can be reached even if the bot is on another network.» —“Re: The No Lag + No Split Alternative” by David Van Assche Usenet: alt.irc Dec...


botnet  n.— «The major difference between a bot in a botnet, and your common eggdrop or IRC client script bot in a channel, is that the botnet variety have been created with a trojan and, almost always, without the knowledge of the person...

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