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Episode 1599

What in Tarnation

Language is always evolving, and that’s also true for American Sign Language. A century ago, the sign for “telephone” was one fist below your mouth and the other at your ear, as if you’re holding an old-fashioned candlestick...

Janky, a Fifty-Year Slang Summary

Melanie from San Antonio, Texas, uses the term janky to mean “not good ” or “not working well,” and in her family, they’ll jokingly use the term dejankify and dejankification to refer to washing their dog. The slang...


janky adj. inferior, bad, weird. Also jinky, jainky, jankie, jankey. Editorial Note: The connection between janky and jinky is uncertain, but as their usage seems interchangeable, I am defining them as a single term. (source: Double-Tongued...


jankey  adj.— «I believed it got 187ed when john tried to get al fruity-assed with weedwhacker. Kinda jankey if you ask me.» —“Re: Whatever happened to the Slang Dictionary” by Raver Efreet (rtreat@sprintmail...


jankie  adj.— «Jankie has two meanings. In most areas, jankie means flawed, bad, “booty” as you put it. : ) In Southern Cali, it does mean dope.» —“Re: White Rappers” by Kasper (kasper@yomama’shouse...


 adj.— «Nine more of these jainky little definitions and I’m home free.» —“To His Coy Mistress” by Zachary James The Mofluff Confessional Dec. 16, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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