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187 n. a homicide. Editorial Note: Also attrib. Etymological Note: From section 187-199 of the California penal code, which relates to murder. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

food insecurity

food insecurity  n.— «In the past, the concept of food security could never become a cultural value, because food insecurity was then the norm. Only more recently, since it has been shown that enough food could be produced to satisfy all...

food insecurity

food insecurity n. the state of, or risk of, being unable to provide food (to oneself, a family, a nation, etc.). (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

food insecurity

food insecurity  n.— «There was a 15-percent increase between 1999 and 2002 in the number of U.S. households facing “food insecurity”—1.5 million families. Overall, this translates into more than 12 million families not knowing...

food insecurity

food insecurity  n.— «Driving the “food insecurity” numbers—a term coined by the federal government to measure hunger—is Michigan’s stubborn unemployment rate, the anti-hunger research and policy group said.» —“Economy...


SPUI  n.— «To increase capacity and avoid such problems, engineers have created a variation on the diamond design known as a single-point urban interchange, or SPUI (pronounced spew-ee).» —“Planners say SPUI on...