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filin  n.— «Paredes adds, through an interpreter, that he’s been influenced by the “filin” movement in Cuban music. Filin (a derivation of the word “feeling”).» —“A second helping of Cuban jazz at the Black...

Big Apple

Big Apple n. New York City. Editorial Note: Although there are many claims about the origin of “The Big Apple” as a nickname for New York City, each of the others lacks crucial supporting evidence or is demonstrably false. Among...

jazz hands

jazz hands  n.pl.— «Pauline Gomez pantomimes encouragement. Her arms extend at her side, her fingers stretching for the ground in jazz hands.» —“No Yelling, No Cheering. Shhhhh! It’s Silent Saturday” by Robert Andrew...

broken beat

broken beat
 n.— «It’s a sound without a fixed name, some call it broken beat, some call it new jazz.» —“Beat Happening” by Rahul Verma Flyer (New York City) Mar., 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


chillax  v.— «Okay, the few things I can look forward to, over the coming few months:…chillaxin’ (new word I picked up) with friends.» —“My Nose & I (We have a love-hate relationship)” by Lim View jigsaw...

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