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leverite n. (also leaverite) a worthless stone or rock, especially one mistaken as being valuable. Editorial Note: Paul Dickson writes in Family Words (1998, p. 79), “Heaverite, according to Raymond J. Nelson of Cody, Wyoming, is a rock that...


angryphone n. a person who feels marginalized as a member of Québec’s English-speaking minority. Etymological Note: A jocular play on the word “anglophone.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

starvation corner

starvation corner n. a literal or notional place of little sustenance, especially that part of a large gathering (a banquet, mealtime in a dining hall, a family get-together, etc.) in which food has yet to be served or eaten. Editorial Note: Often...

Jenny Crank

Jenny Crank n. methamphetamine, especially in the phrase Jenny Crank diet, a jocular term for weight loss caused by use of the drug or similar drugs. Etymological Note: A play on Jenny Craig, a popular weight-loss program. Occasionally, Jenny Crank...

hillbilly chrome

hillbilly chrome n. duct tape; metallic (aerosol) paint. Also Alabama chrome, Arkansas chrome, Georgia chrome, ghetto chrome, Mexican chrome, redneck chrome, Tijuana chrome, Wisconsin chrome. Editorial Note: Usually jocular and mildly derogatory...


Floodweiser n. a jocular name for water distributed in cans as disaster aid by the Anheuser-Busch corporation; also, misc. other wordplay on the beer brand “Budweiser.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)